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Dear Runners,

We are proud to announce, Ants Hunt Pvt Ltd will be organising BENGALURU VIRTUAL MARATHON.

All you need to do, sign up, participate & run anywhere in India or Across the Globe – following Covid19 – Govt Rules & Regulations.

  • Race will be started at 6:00 AM (Flag Off) as per Global Timing Standards.
  • Race will is mandate for the mentioned details | 2KM: For Age below 14 |5KM: For Age above 14 – 60+
  • Once you finish your race, you will have to submit your data by the link sent in your email along with proof of run.
  • Accurate timing has to be sent with fraction of second’s i.e.   HH (Hour): MM (Minutes): SS (Fraction of Seconds)
  • Registrations will close on 05th Dec 2020.
  • Results will be announced on 19th DECEMBER 2021– Website, FB Page, Instagram, E-Mail, SMS.
  • We will have Virtual Prize Ceremony on 19th DECEMBER 2020 at 7pm LIVE on our FB Page.
  • Medal, T-Shirt, Running Backpack will be shipped after 19th DECEMBER 2020 GLOBALLY.
  • If the Shipment gets returned, next time when we send there will be additional courier charges.
  • Winner’s will be rewarded with Beautiful Trophies.


Powered By Ants Hunt Pvt Ltd

DATE: 06th Dec 2020 ||

Venue: Run Anywhere || Run Anytime

Age Category: 8 Yrs – 60+ Yrs.


2KM | 5KM | 10KM | 21KM | 42KM


  • 149 Per Participant

(E-Certificate + Leader Board Result)

  • 299 Per Participant

(Exclusive Medal + E-Certificate + Leader Board Result)

  • Rs 449 Per Participant

(Dry fit T-Shirt + Exclusive Medal + E-Certificate + Leader Board Result)

  • 749 Per Participant

(Running Bagpack + Dry fit T-Shirt + Exclusive Medal + E-Certificate + Leader Board Result)


  • €12 International Runners

(E-Certificate + Leader Board Result)

  • €69 International Runners

(Running Bagpack + Dry fit T-Shirt + Exclusive Medal + E-Certificate + Leader Board Result)


  1. Entrants take part in BENGALURU VIRTUAL MARATHON event entirely at their own risk and are 100% responsible for selecting a safe route to run.
  2. Entrants should wear hi-viz clothing when running in low light conditions and take care around traffic or when running off road.
  3. BENGALURU VIRTUAL MARATHON accepts no responsibility for any accidents or injuries sustained while taking part in the event.
  4. Children are welcome to take part in BENGALURU VIRTUAL MARATHON,Run should be accompanied and closely supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  5. By entering BENGALURU VIRTUAL MARATHON, you are accepting that we will contact you to confirm your entry and keep you updated on the progress of your order per our Privacy Policy; you have the option of being added to the mailing list to receive updates on future events, offers and news. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.
  6. After completing your virtual race you must upload a run details photo (or multiple photos if you break the event down into several goes) to your event entry in your account. Without a run details photo(s) you will not complete your virtual race and not eligible to win the trophy. If you experience any difficulties creating or uploading a run details photo(s), please mail timing@townscript.com and CC ANTS HUNT team in the same mail.
  7. If you do not submit run evidence within the time mentioned of entering an event, we cannot guarantee on the TITLE WINNER.
  8. We believe your sportsman spirit & the data / information what you send is correct. If any suspicious result found, the runners will be disqualified.
  9. Townscript will give us the Final Leader Board Result, as per the information given by them, winners will be finalised. Once the result is announced, there will be no changes.


2KM, 5KM, 10KM, 21KM & 42KM WINNERS will be rewarded with Trophies.

08-10 2KM
10-14 2KM 5KM
15-19 5KM 10KM 21KM 42KM
20-29 5KM 10KM 21KM 42KM
30-39 5KM 10KM 21KM 42KM
40-49 5KM 10KM 21KM 42KM
50-59 5KM 10KM 21KM 42KM
60 and over 5KM 10KM 21KM 42KM