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Marathon is not just a race to be part of, Marathon is not just a race to win, a marathon is a crowd that runs to reach a destination. Be it gratifying or grueling ones first run in always life-altering. Marathon runners first motivation is always imprinted in his mind. A tradition that has its roots in ancient history, inspired by the legend of an ancient Greek who ran from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to spread the news of a Greek military victory. This is where the concept of the long run as in Marathon comes from every marathon runner possesses an aim for his run and different expectations from the run. It is thus important to focus on what you are up to in achieving from this run and why especially when it is your first run.
We the ants hunt event management company has made up an opportunity for the runners to make a worthy step to accomplish your aim with “MAHATMA GANDHI MIDNIGHT MARATHON EDITION 2.0“. Take your first step with us. Pleasing weather drives the ease to run your feet out with no looking back. It is not just a rat race to be part of its a fitness regime for many, also considered the most challenging physical fitness test. This requires months of preparation and dedicated training for the run to be successful and not hazardous to the runner’s health.

We are up with this run to be in action on 5th Oct 2019, lending you with months in hand to get yourselves ready to accept this challenge.
In addition as a spotlight, we will reach you with the necessary preparation
a runner must take up to make the first run worth your feet.
For running a successful and enjoyable marathon the most vital thing to keep in mind is meticulous preparation. Both the body and mind of a marathon runner should be prepared for the eventualities. The best way to do this is by getting expert advice, consulting doctors before the run and most importantly seeking advice from marathon runners who have been in this journey for long. It is very important to keep in mind the marathon training tips that include the knowledge of various health restrictions, a runner may have after the run is in action. This should be strictly conveyed to oneself that when you feel your body is giving up or your breathing capability is decreasing which is commonly faced by most runners you should end your run without pushing it further.
Our main aim is to give you happiness in your running experience, your health should be prior to you that is what Mahatma Gandhi Midnight Marathon edition II believes. Stay fit stay healthy.



Even if you hate getting out of bed before the crack of dawn, you don’t want to wake up too close to the start time of a marathon. eat, drink, get dressed, drive to the start, go to the bathroom, warm up, stretch, and mentally prepare yourself. So get up as early as you can, take your food on time, and wake yourself up!


Although you may be excited to wear some fancy new kicks in the marathon, one of the biggest mistakes you can make on race day is to wear brand new shoes. Even if your new shoes are the same type or brand of shoes you’ve been wearing, don’t wear them in the marathon race.

If you would have been wearing the same shoes for few months, you can buy new ones in preparation for the marathon, but buy them at least three to four weeks before the race and do practice for a week in them. Although running shoes are your most important item, don’t wear anything new in the marathon. Same goes for clothes — Including your shirt or jersey, shorts, socks, underwear, and a sports bra as well as anything you plan to put on in the marathon race. Practice wearing your clothes and gear well before the marathon starts, so that you get comfortable with everything.


Cotton is one of the cheapest fabrics, but it’s also the least breathable. It holds your sweat rather than allowing it to evaporate. Don’t wear any cotton at all in the marathon. Wear lightweight fabrics that don’t stick to your skin.


A few hours before any long run, eat a meal high in low Glycemiclcarbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fat to give your body all the nutrients it needs for the next few hours.

Most people have enough carbohydrate stored in their muscles and liver to last a little more than two hours of sustained activity. The best runners can, therefore, run the entire marathon without consuming any carbs because they take just over two hours to complete the race. Everyone else needs to consume carbs during the race to maintain blood sugar levels and delay the exhaustion of carbohydrate.


Water helps the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles. If your body weight drops more than 2 to 3 percent during the race because of fluid loss, your pace slows down dramatically. Don’t let that happen. Start drinking early and often. Chocolate milk is a good mix of protein and carbs, or whizz up a smoothie with lots of fruit. Drink plenty of fluids too to replace water and electrolytes lost through sweat.